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Research Projects and Facilities

Research Projects (2017 fisical year)

The following list includes projects in which laboratory members including students become leaders or members.

  • Applications of Intelligent Systems Using Hgh-speed Image Processing (2016-2020, SF, DVS, SVD, AP)
  • Realtime IoT System Using High-speed Vision Sensor Network and Development of Its Application Technology (2017-2020, SF, SVD, AP)
  • High-speed Measurement of Visual Texture Using Sparse Modeling and Dynamic Ray Control (2016-2019, SVD)
  • Development of Ultrashort Pulse Laser Smart Ceramic Drilling Machine (2016-2018, AP)
  • Development of High-speed Vision and High-speed Intelligent Systemss for Nerve System Analysis under Freey Moving Conditions (2017-2022, AP)
  • Research on High-speed Spacial Recognition Based on Three Dimentional Motion Sensing (2016-2019, SVD)
  • Dynamic Texture Reproduction Based on High-speed Vision and Projector (2016-2017, SVD)
  • Development of Biped Running Robot with High-speed Response (2016-2018, SF)
  • Occlusion-Robust Three Dimensional Sensing Using Airial Imageing Technology (2016-2017, SVD)
  • Real World Recognition Using Fusion of Three Dimensional Structure and Two Dimensional Development Surface Using Developable Surface (2015-2017, SVD)
  • Development of High-speed Vision Network System (2015-2019, SF, SVD)
  • Applications of Spatio Temporal Analysis (2016-2018, AP)
  • Sophisticated Inspection Technology for Highway (2013-2017, DVS, AP)
  • Research on High-speed Manipulation Using Active Object Recognition Method (2015-2018, SF)
  • Development of Super Fine MEMS Conector for Robots Using Laser Exposure Technology (2016-2018, SF)
  • Research on Factory Automation Technology Using High-spee Image Processing (2017-2019, SF)
  • Development of Projection System (2016-2017 DVS)
  • Advances in Image Measurement System for High Speed Flying Objects (2012-2017, DVS)
  • Dynamic Object Image Recording by 1ms Auto Pan/Tilt System (2014-2017 DVS)
  • Development of Inspection Technology for High Accuracy Counting and Shape of Multiple Objects by High-speed Imaging (2016-2018 SVD)
  • Fluid Analysis Using High Speed Vision (2010-2017, SVD)
  • Applications of Vision Chip for Vehicles and Social Infrastructure (2014-2017, SVD, SF)
  • Research on Three Dimensional Image Processing (2016-2017, SVD)
  • Verification of Feasibility on High-speed and High-Brightness Projector (2017, SVD)
  • High speed computer vision for in-car-gesture recognition and for crash avoidance (2014-2017, Va, SF)

    SF:Sensor Fusion, DVS:Dynamic Vision System, SVD:Vison Architecture, AP:Active Perception

Experimental Environment

Services for High-speed Image Processing - Videos
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Sensor Fusion Experimental Environment
  • High-speed Multifingered Hand x4
        (codeveloped with Harmonic Drive Systems,Inc.)
  • High-speed Manipulator
        (codeveloped with Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc.)
  • High-speed Active Vision System x2
  • High-speed Manipulator x2 (Barrett Technology, Inc.)
  • Column Parallel Vision System x2
        (codeveloped with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.)
  • dSPACE Real-Time Controller x6 (dSPACE Inc.)
  • High-speed Video System x2 (Vision Research Inc.)
  • High-speed Bipedal Robot x2
        (codeveloped with Harmonic Drive Systems,Inc.)
  • Parallel Link Robot (FANUC Corp.)
    Dynamic Vision System Experimental Environment
  • 1ms Auto Pan/Tilt system x4 (developed in this lab)
  • Variable focus lens with a large optical aperture x2 (developed in this lab)
  • High-speed video system FASTCAM SA-X2 (Photron)
  • High-speed wavefront sensor (Spot-optics)
  • Flickerless lighting system Large x4, Small x2 (Kinoflo)
  • Power supply with a lithium-ion battery (IMT)
  • Large projector (SONY x1, EPSON x2)
  • Optical CAD (ZEMAX), Finite Element Method CAD (ANSYS)
    System Vision Design Experimental Environment
  • 3-D shape measurement system (developed in this lab)
  • High-speed book digitization system (developed in this lab)
  • Wearable high-speed vision (developed in this lab)
  • Standalone High-Speed Vision (developed in this lab)
  • Pattern projector (developed in this lab)
  • High-brightness lighting system (developed in this lab)
  • High-speed camera systems (Photron)
  • Laser system (StockYale)
  • FPGA design tool (Xilinx)
  • Measurement equipments
        (Digital Oscilloscope, Data Generator, Logic Analyzer, 3D Laser Scanner)
    Active Perception Experimental Environment
  • AIRR Tablet (developed in this lab)
  • High speed 3-D display (zSpace)
  • Laser doppler measurement system (Polytec)
  • Thermo camera(FLIR)
  • Galvano mirror x2 (GSI Lumonics)
  • Measurement instruments
    (Digital Oscilloscope, Lock-in Amplifier, Waveform Generator, Lightwave Multimeter)
  • Members Desks (Partitioned), 39 sets
  • Color Copier
  • A0 Printer
  • Meeting Space
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