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Haptic Motion for Obtaining Tactile Pattern


To realize a haptic function in engineering system, how to decide the motion of a tactile sensor for the sensing purposeis important, as well as the development of tactile sensors. We define such a "motion of tactile sensor for sensing" as a haptic motion in engineering, and argue its necessity in this study. In particular, we note that a tactile sensor cannot get any information without contact between the sensor and the object, and argue that haptic motions are necessary not only in the case that the object is much bigger than the sensor but in the case that the sensor has the same or much bigger size of the object. As one form of such haptic motions, we propose a haptic motion of distributed tactile sensor for obtaining tactile pattern and analyze our proposed motion mathematically.

tactile sensor output 1 tactile sensor output 2 tactile sensor output 3 tactile sensor output 4
Output of distributed tactile sensor during haptic motion

max output
Maximum value of distributed tactile sensor output during haptic motion


  • I. Ishii and M. Ishikawa: Haptic Motion of Distributed Tactile Sensor for Obtaining Tactile Pattern, Journal of Robotics Society Japan, Vol. 15, No. 5, pp. 795-801 (1997)
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