Sensor Fusion: High Speed Robots
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Rubik's Cube handling using a high-speed multi-fingerd hand and a high-speed vision system


In this research, we aimed to realize dexterous and high-speed object manipulation by robot hand, and operated Rubik's cube as a concrete task.

By acquiring center of gravity position and angle of the Rubik's cube with a high-speed vision, we realized two kinds of regrasping and one turning operation required for solving the Rubik's cube and succeeded to do this within seconds.

Face turning


  1. R. Higo, Y. Yamakawa, T. Senoo and M. Ishikawa: Three-dimensional rotating puzzle handling using high speed multi-fingered hand, 18th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference(SI2017) (Sendai,Japan,2017.12.21)/Proceedings, pp.1400-1401 (2017)
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