[ Khronos Projector ] simplified demos - (c) Alvaro Cassinelli 2005.

Built with [ Processing ]


The following applets (click on the images below to launch them) are simplified versions of the software that runs the Khronos Projector interactive installation (each applet has a pre-loaded time-lapse sequence). To be able to run the program online, you should have Java installed in your browser. The applet accepts input from mouse (and touch-screen). This Java applet is not as fast as the C++ version which has been optimized for real-time rendering using 3D textures on graphics accelerating hardware (and consequently, it's able to handle high-resolution image sequences in real time). Size of images is kept small (320x240) and length of the sequence is somehow reduced in order to minimize the uploading and execution time - for the same reasons, the spatio-temporal blending function has been simplified, which may produce visible steps instead of a smooth temporal gradient from successive image layers.


Behind the door --------

-------- Dislocated head turn

Interactive Sunset --------
-------- Shibuya Crossing
Jérôme Bonaldi & Gérard Miller smile at each other through a Khronos Projector-induced spatio-temporal warp...




...A space-time anomaly captured - against all odds - and finally aired at the TV show "On a tout essaye" (France2 - French Television). Many thanks to the curiosity (and perseverance!) of Jérôme Bonaldi.

Original Sequence: (c) Alvaro Cassinelli

-------- Growing Narcisus


Original Sequence: (c) Roger Hangarter [Plants in Motion]


Decomposing Watermelon --------


Original sequence: (c) Mike Posehn [GraniteBaySoftware]


[ The Khronos Projector ] - (c) Alvaro Cassinelli 2005 / Ishikawa-Namiki-Komuro Lab/ University of Tokyo