scratch led belt



Alvaro Cassinelli, 2010~


Scratch Belt is a led-strip based belt that realistically simulates the dynamics of a pendulum attached to your hip, or similarly, the dynamics of the "houla-hoop" - all with light. This contraption evolves from a the older "inertial light" devices used in the "Light Arrays" project; in this new prototype, however, angular data is sent wirelessly to the computer (bluetooth), where it is taken as input to an Max-Msp "groove" patch. The wearer can then "scratch" over pre-recorded sound files by contorting and dancing.

A counter also keeps track of the number of turns, and this data can be logged on your smartphone, making it a fun alternative to the podomoter.


Note: If the browser does not support this format, right click and download it first (it's 70MB), or download from here: [mp4/11MB]


[ more to come - hardware and maths behind the simulation ! ]