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Alvaro Cassinelli

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Assistant Professor / MetaPerception Group (Leader)


Tel: +81-3-5841-6937 / Fax: +81-3-5841-6952
Email:cassinelli.alvaro (at)

  • List of works and experiments (in reverse chronological order):


  exhibition carnets

Notebook Exhibition (2014)

Interactive exhibition of 10 years of notebooks (conserving the same format) at Cafe & Shop Uma Merdre (september 2014). Code for the show here, made with OF.


Toro-bots (2014)

A japanese garden that reconfigures itself depending on the season, the presence or absence of a human observers and develops structure in a generative way.


SimulTa-ngo (2013) [under construction]

Connectiing Studio RADA with other milongas around the world in time and space! Made with ofxGstRTP from Arturo Castro and Seth Hunter, and ofTwitter. System synch iTunes in real time. More on that soon!!!

brilliant poles Jin Yo Mok

Brilliant Poles [visuals] (2014)

Korean media artist Jin-Yo Mok created a 3D matrix in collaboration with Seoul-based media artist group Jonpasang, and requested animation images from fellow media artists Jussi Angesleva and Alvaro Cassinelli.

spiral display

Serial Paintings (2013)

These are serially-filled displays or sculptures (2d or 3d) that alternatively encrypt and reveal visual information using unidimensional streams of matter

expresso drawings

Expresso Drawings (~2013)

[page under construction]

Scratch Belt (2013)

Scratch Belt is a led-strip belt that realistically simulates the dynamics of a pendulum attached to your hip - all with light. This contraption evolves from a the "inertial light" used in Light Arrays. Angular data is sent wirelessly to a Max/Msp "groove" patch. The wearer can then "scratch" over pre-recorded sound files by contorting and dancing.

skin games

Skin Games (2012)

Skin Games explores the ludic possibilities opened up by harnessing the body not only as the controller but also as the support for displaying the game’s output. The fact that the user needs to contort to see the graphics on her own body is perceived here as an interesting inherent feature of the proposed interaction paradigm.

memory blocks

Memory Blocks / Knowledge Voxels (2012~)

Imagine being capable of storing and retrieving multi-media data from familiar things in the path to work: buildings, corners, trees or flowers... anything around you can be a "scaffold" to organize your personal data. This project is an alternative to the intangible "cloud", based on the idea of superimposing virtual 3d "data containers" onto real space. [Kiban research project]

Easy Camera-Projector Calibration (2012~)

An extension of Kyle McDonald "ofxCV" addon, this time capable of calibrating online cameras AND projectors (getting the intrinsics of both, plus the extrinsics as yml file) in a matter of minutes. It would be possible too to calibrate multiple projector and multiple cameras (check in GitHub)

cyber rattenkonig

Cybernetic Rattenkönig (2012)

Entangled, motorized computer mouses with ATTiny85 brains and artificial desires driven by random markov chains. A contribution to Horacio Cassinelli exhibition "IMAGEN", Galerie Schumm-Braunstein (13 mars - 25 avril 2012).


Unthethered Robotic Printer Heads (RPH)(2011~)

[page under construction]

A swarm of robots capable of printing/scanning in parallel over large/curved surfaces. Crawling or flying, they will facilitate printing on large urban spaces (panels, signage), as well as architectural scanning.

mouse chair

A restless interface: the mouse-chair (2011~)

A "restless interface" challenges, in a way as subtle as possible, the passive attitude of the computer user. The prototype introduced here detects bad static postures, and produce a subtle feedback which does not interfere with the workflow: the cursor will drift if the person is not sitting up-right in a neutral position. 


The Laser Aura: a prosthesis for emotional expression (2011~)

The "Laser Aura" is a prosthesis for enhanced emotional expression. Such manga-inspired, emanations may help regain control of one's own body (biofeedback) as well as give others an instant cue about the person psychological state. For use in the office?


Fil Rouge (2011)

This is my first work in collaboration with my brother Horacio Cassinelli. (Collective Exhibition at Galerie Shumm Braunstein, Paris)


ScoreBots (2010) [page under construction]

While scoreLight uses a modified "smart" laser scanner to track the figure's relevant features (in particular contours), scoreBots rely on one or more tiny line-following robots to do the same.

video plumbing

Video Plumbing (aka "LookAhead") (2010) [page under construction]

Tags (car plates) become instantaneous AR windows channeling data from cameras somewhere else in the car - recursively - enabling virtual transparency & and autoscopic vision. The future of mirrors! [Nissan Competition Award 2010]

Earlids (2010)

"Earlids" is a wearable device enabling the semi-voluntary control of auditory gain. Artificial “earlids” represent to the ears what natural eyelids are to the eyes: a fast and efficient reflex mechanism for protecting delicate sensory organs.

number sculpture

Number, Time & Space [2007/2010]. Also check: Picture Gallery

Sculpting a sequence of numbers. Experiments in 2007, completed at the Media Lab Prado, in collaboration with Philippe Chatelain (workshop directed by Chris Sugrue and Daniel Sánchez)

vein visualization laser sensing display

Laser Sensing Display (2010-)

The Laser Sensing Display (raster/vector mode) is capable of displaying graphicswhile simultaneously using the beam (at the same or different wavelength or polarization) as a probe gathering information on orientation and shape, texture, spectral reflectance, polarization... Applications may include dermatology, non-destructive control, line and contour enhancement for practical or aesthetic purposes...

Invoked Computing (2010)

In this project we explore a smart environment capable of discovering and instantiating affordances suggested by human beings (as mimicked actions and scenarios involving objects and drawings). An example: taking a banana and bringing it closer to the ear. The gesture is clear enough: directional microphones and parametric speakers hidden in the room would make the banana function as a real handset on the spot.


Light-Arrays (2009-)

Extending the human body with visible laser beams that act as autonomous limbs. In collaboration with Danielle Wilde.


Laserinne (2009-) [page under construction]

Using the ski slope as a dynamic display, where (laser) graphics are drawn in response to the skiers' motion. A collaborative project between the University of Lapland, the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of Tokyo. To be deployed during the 2011 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

human equalizer

humanEqualizer (2009) [page under construction]

A VU-meter made of body parts and people standing (in progress).


Recursive/interactive AR growing sculpture (2010)

Experiment on re-feeding an ARtoolkit augmented image into the ARtoolkit detector to create 3d fractals.

Spatio-temporal blended identities (2009)

In the film "Scanner Darkly", spies use a special clothing that constantly change their appearance: anonimity is achieved not by wearing a mask, but by constantly changing recognition cues. What is the "frequency threshold" at which one could still have the feeling that we are switching from one (known) face to another?


Virtual Haptic Radar (2009)

The Virtual Haptic Radar (VHR) is a wearable device helping actors become aware of the presence of invisible virtual objects in their path when evolving in a virtual studio.


Speed Flow subitization (2008)

Besides the well known number subitization, evolution may have endowed us with a "speed flow number subitization" too. A small experiment while reading "The Number Sense" (while tanning in southern Thailand).

pelota de los dioses

La pelota de los dioses

This is a collaborative project that I proposed when I was invited to the TCFM (Taller Computacion Fisica Montevideo). Although the final result (and the name!) turned out quite differently from the initial idea, it was fun and incredible to work with people there.


scoreLight (2008)

"scoreLight" is a prototype musical instrument capable of generating sound in real time from the lines of doodles as well as from the contours of three-dimensional objects nearby (hands, silhouettes, architectural details).

HaptiKar (2008)

The principle of the Haptic Radar applied to a car. Vibration on a driver headaband, sensors on the car surface. The surface is also composed of panes of OLED as reactive lights.


Ouroboros (2008)

“Ouroboros” is a shared virtual space, a world-scale tunnel built by chaining video-conferencing cameras and projectors in a closed loop around the world. The project was Finalist at the LIVE-BITS contest.

The Cat's Mask (2008)

Artificial cat's whiskers to feel feline and luminous. This wearable device possesses rangefinders at the locations of the cat's whiskers as well as motor vibrators (similar to that of the Haptic Radar, but the range data is sent wirelessly to control sound). Note: It has been used by Joanna Lumley in the the TV serie Catwoman.

Transparencies (2005-2008)

Using the khronos projector interface to pierce walls and see the inside of human bodies and bugs.

Ghosts in Junji's saccade-based Display (2008)

If correctly placed and synchronized, CCD image sensors are capable of capturing floating images between the saccade display LED bars, even when not moving at all.

VJ perf Nantes

To Blink or Not to Blink (2008)

If you blink, your favorite program will be interrupted. If you force not to blink, you won't pay attention to it anyway. A reflection on the active role that we as spectators play in post-editing visual media.

VJ perf Nantes

It's a Donnie World (2008)

The world as seen by a delusional bunnie-doll.


Sticky Light

Sticky Light (2008)

A laser spot bounces on a figure being drawn on paper, trying to escape the labyrinth of lines. There is no camera nor projector; this is an experience where the audience can touch and interact with a beam of pure light - and even play a pong game with bare hands.

VJ perf Nantes

Line Surface Noise (2008)

A rotating laser line is used to "hear" a painting as a needle would read a vynil record. The "melody" is however disrupted by a particular kind of "scratch": the spectators walking over the painting. A large mirror on the ceiling send them to the sky.


Refocus (2008)

A proposal for the Climate Clock competition, city of San Jose (poster at Art and Science Colloquium), in collaboration with Jussi Ängeslevä.

Boxed Ego

Boxed Ego (2008)

BoxedEgo is a double trap for the Self. A peep-show box waiting in a corner of the exhibition space first captures the curiosity of the observer - and then the observer himself.

VJ perf Nantes

CrankShafted (2008)

With each turn of the crank, copyrighted still frames are progressively shown more clearly but in exchange your portrait is taken and uploaded on the internet.

VJ perf Nantes

Shooting Gallery (2008)

A tribute to Mudbrige and Marey (with anecdotical connotations).


VJ perf Nantes

VJ visuals series (2007) [page under construction]



RoboMecia (2008)

A paremecium avatar for fun and work. An experiment on mixed-scale spaces.


Keyboard Jacket (2007~) [page under construction]

A jacket covered with keyboards. Hugging, stroking or caressing will produce keystrokes and audible clicks; letters and garbled messages will be the product of a hug, and these will be sent wirelessly to a screen in the background (in progress).


opto Dress (2007~) [page under construction]

Dressing with optical devices (lenses, mirrors, etc) that transform our appearance, mediating the perception that we give of ourselves (in progress)

Alea Bots

Ranbots Series (2007)

Control N degrees of freedom with a unique actuator (1DOF) by introducing noise into the others DOF through mechanical coupling, reducing the noise intensity as it get close to the target in phase-space. It is easier to build directional sensors than directional actuators. Simulated robots produce graphic patterns.


Dis-chorde (2007)

Audio-visual interface to control a matrix of 64 audio/video channels through touch.


Electric Silhouette Series (2007~)

A sonic "electric" force field around the body. Interactive visuals for noise group NoForkDroise. Particles bounce on silhouettes, and produce electric, tingling sounds. The interaction is triggered by silhouettes, sound, and the HapticKat mask, since the idea is that the surface of the body is in close contact with the sound "substance".

Cube Carrillon

Cube Carrillon (2007) [page under construction]

Rythm box activated by circulating patterns of light over its surface.

Parallax Augmented Desktop

Parallax Augmented Desktop (2007)

A simple metaphor to simulate a much larger desktop space: consider the flat display as a window opening to a cubic space that extends behind the screen (the user head is continuosly tracked by a webcam on top of the display).


Flashes at dorkbot Tokyo (2007) [page under construction]

Accelerometers, a toy guitar, sound and colorful particles.


Volume Slicing Display

Volume Slicing Display (2006)

A piece of plexiglass or paper is waved in the air, and a set of projectors project the corresponding slice of a 3D virtual object on this passive surface in real time.


Retractable 3d Mouse (2006)

A retractable 3d tracking device that can be attached to a desk, clothing, or wearable electronic devices for use as an input interface providing haptic feedback. The system is based on "optical hair module" metaphor, but instead of a laser, it relies on a physical link between a reference base and a graspable extremity.

Haptic Radar

Haptic Radar (2006)

Artificial optical "cat whiskers" for people and machines.


Flat Elephant Walks (2007)

[By Shin Egashira with the help of Okamura technical team, Yuji Fukui (mechanical structures) & Alvaro Cassinelli (visual interaction)]


tele air hockey

IT Teleportation (2005)

An attempt to teleport a physical object through the internet using high speed vision and fast robotics.


Time Scape

TimeScape (2006)

Large scale installation at Okamura Design Space featuring ten "khronos projector" screens and a special light-activated "memory mirror".



Smart Laser Scanner (2003)

A "smart" rangefinder scanner that instead of continuously scanning over the full field of view, restricts its scanning are to a narrow window the size of the target. A laser diode, steering mirrors, and a single non-imaging photodetector.

Khronos Projector

The Khronos Projector (2004)

An interactive-art installation allowing people to explore pre-recorded movie content in an entirely new way. By touching a deformable projection screen, the user is able to send parts of the image forward or backwards in time.