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Sensor Fusion Movies

Janken (rock-paper-scissors) robot with 100% winning rate (human-machine cooperation system)

• Experimental result
    [12.4MB, wmv]

Dynamic Folding of a Cloth using Dual High-
speed Multifingered Hand and Slider

• Dynamic folding of a cloth
                [1.5MB, wmv]

High-speed Catching Based on Inverse Motion

• Catching (slow motion)
                [0.9MB, wmv]

Throwing-Batting Robot System

• Throwing-Batting
                [10.1MB, wmv]

Dynamic Manipulation of a Linear Flexible Object
with a High-speed Robot Arm

• Dynamic knotting of a rope
                [1.7MB, wmv]

Catching a small object in high-speed motion

• Catching a ball in parabolic motion
   (actual)     [1.4MB, wmv]
• Catching a ball in parabolic motion
   (slow)     [2.2MB, wmv]

High-speed Throwing Based on Wave

• Throwing    [3.5MB, wmv]

One Handed Knotting of flexible rope using a
High-speed Multifingered Hand

• One-handed Knotting1
                         [0.7MB, wmv]
   (Slow Motion [7.4MB, wmv])
• One-handed Knotting2
                [0.9MB, wmv]

Dynamic Pen Spinning Using a High-Speed
Multifingered Hand with High-speed Tactile

• Pen Spinning    [5.37MB, wmv]
   (Slow Motion [32.1MB, wmv])

Dynamic Holding Using a High-Speed
Multifingered Hand

• One Finger Dribbling   [1.3MB, mpg]
   (Slow Motion   [6.0MB, mpg])
• Two Fingers Dribbling   [1.9MB, mpg]
   (Slow Motion   [5.1MB, mpg])

Ball Control in High-speed Batting Motion

• Spray hitting
    [2.2MB, wmv]   [3.4MB, wmv]
  (Slow motion)
    [0.4MB, wmv]   [0.4MB, wmv]

Dynamic Regrasping Using High-speed
Multifingered Hand

• parallel-regrasping   [3.35MB, wmv]
   (Slow motion)
    [4.816MB, wmv]   [4.366MB, wmv]
• vertical-regrasping  [2.694MB, wmv]
   (Slow motion)  [4.837MB, wmv]
• rotation-regrasping (180 [deg])
   (Slow motion)  [4.837MB, wmv]
• Continuous regrasping
   (Slow motion)  [4.689MB, wmv]

Dynamic Catching Using a High-Speed Hand

• Demo 1  [1.7MB, mpg]
• Demo 2  [9.8MB, mpg]
• Two Finger Catching  [2.8MB, mpg]
   (Slow Motion  [1.0MB, mpg])
• Three Finger Catching
                [2.8MB, mpg],
   (Slow Motion  [1.1MB, mpg])
• Active Catching of a Ball
                [2.8MB, mpg]
   (Slow Motion  [1.2MB, mpg])
• Active Catching of a Cylinder
                [2.0MB, mpg]
   (Slow Motion  [1.5MB, mpg]

High-Speed Batting

• Batting  [4.7MB, wmv]
• Batting  [2.6MB, mpg]
   [2.6MB, mpg]   [2.7MB, mpg]
• Slow Motion  [5.7MB, m1v]

Dynamic Grasping

• Catching [2.5MB, avi]
• Dynamic Grasping [3.0MB, mpg]
• Dynamic Grasping (a front view)
                [3.0MB, mpg]

Column Parallel Vision Systems and High-Speed
Active Vision

• Target Tracking (CPV-I)
                [7.4MB, mpg]

A System for Tacticle Sense through Human
Sensory Nerve Fiber

• Experiment  [7.3MB, mpg]

High Speed Grasping

• Grasping of a Hexahedron
                [1.0MB, mpg]
• Grasping of a Sphere
                [1.2MB, mpg]
• Grasping with Preshaping
                [2.0MB, mpg]
• Grasping (view of a activevision)
                [1.2MB, mpg]
• Grasping (view of a hand-arm)
                [1.2MB, mpg]
• Collision Avoidance
                [1.2MB, mpg]
• Tracking to an Another Object
                [1.2MB, mpg]
• Handshake
                [1.2MB, mpg]

Work Suppot System in Real World

• Work Support Using a Pen
                 [10MB, mpg]

Visual Haptization System

• Demo 1    [1.2MB, mpg]
• Demo 2    [1.2MB, mpg]

1ms Visual Feedback System

• 1ms Target Tracking (short movie)
                [1.5MB, mpg]
• High Speed Target Tracking Algorithm (short movie)
                [1.5MB, mpg]
• 1ms Visual Feedback System (full length movie)
                [26.8MB, mpg]

Laser-based Active Tracking System for Real-
Time 3D Gesture Acquisition

• Good image quality
                [12MB, wmv]
  Fairly compressed
                [3.4MB, wmv]

Laser-based Active Tracking System for Real-Time 3D Gesture Acquisition

• Tracking of two fingers
   On the same hand  [636KB, wmv]
   On same and separate hands
               [402KB, wmv]
• Real-time tracking of a bouncing ping-pong ball
   With a racket
   [1.2MB, wmv]   [394KB, wmv]
   Free fall and bouncing
   [222KB, wmv]   [628KB, wmv]
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