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Dynamic Image Control


Dynamic Image Control (DIC) is a technology to show dynamic phenomena with various physical properties to human in comprehensible and intelligible way. Many dynamic phenomena in real world have immoderate characteristics that prevent human from clear understanding. For instance, we can't see a pattern on a flying bee wing, flowing red blood cell in vein, nor printed characters on a whacked golf ball dropping onto a fairway. This difficulty is due to the relatively slow flame-rate of conventional imaging systems that permit the object's dynamics superimposed onto the interested image.

DIC modulates images by controlling optics, illuminations, and signal processing so as to output adequate images for a given purpose. The purpose of this research is to create and develop an epoch-making media technology based on dynamic image control. Followings are supposed application fields:

  • Biomedical instruments, Microscopy
  • Visual instruments, Media technology
  • Factory automation, Human interface

Research Topics

High-speed Optical Axis Controller and its applications

Variable Optical Systems

Variable Focus Lens and its applications

Image Processing / Image Measurement Algorithm

Research in the past

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