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Vision Architecture


Vision system technology that can achieve ultimate performance must be created in order to pioneer new applications. Low-quality systems designed by excluding the optimized performance for the target application will cause limitations in ideal functions. The key to achieving never-before-seen promising technologies is an application-oriented approach that will enable superior performance and functions by constructing sophisticated relationships between applications, principles (including architectures, system configurations, algorithms) , and devices from several perspectives. Concretely, these cross-cutting design capabilities will be critical factors for embodying new application concepts, refining the essential performance and function in order to maximize the value of the target application, and designing and developing new principles and devices in a comprehensive manner.

The Vision Architecture research group aims to make substantive and practical progress in various application areas based on the above design concepts by exploiting high-speed image sensing going beyond the capabilities of the human eye. We create various applications in the fields of robotics, inspection, video media engineering, man-machine interfaces, and digital archiving by making full use of VLSI technology, parallel processing, measurement engineering, and computer vision.

Research Topics

High-speed projector and its applications

Man-machine interface design utilizing high-speed interaction

Massively-parallel image processing architecture and high-speed visual sensing

High-speed 3D sensing and information reconstruction

High-speed digital archiving

Research in the past

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