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High-speed roll camera


In our laboratory, the Saccade Mirror, which realizes 1 ms Auto Pan-tilt movement via high-speed mechanical control of small mirrors, has led to some novel high-speed applications. In that system, however, the rotation direction, namely, roll, remains fixed. Therefore, we propose a high-speed roll camera which can control the target image rotation. With this system and Saccade Mirror, pan-tilt-roll, all three axes related to the camera gaze can be controlled at high-speed. If high-speed optical image rotation could be achieved, rotational motion blur could be canceled perfectly, and information including the velocity, deformation and vibration during the rotation could be analyzed for the robotics, media content, measurement and inspection of rotary bodies, such as wheels, fans, engines, bearing, gears, disks, and balls. Besides, in projection based AR (so-called ''projection mapping") applications, this system is useful like Lumipen system because the misalignment free projection for rotating target in the dynamic scenes will be achieved. This system is composed of a hollow motor, a Dove prism, and a high-speed camera and controls optical image rotation according to the target rotation by using high-speed image processing. This so-called optical lever formed of the Dove prism worked effectively also for a high-speed rotating target, and our prototype system shows that rotational motion blur was suppressed to 0.125 degrees at 1420 rpm (about 24 rolls per second). Moreover, because this system tracks the target rotation by 500 fps high-speed image processing, the system can deel with the target rotating at irregular speed.


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